My name is Chloe.

If you like to speak Chinese, my Chinese name is 陈灵一.

What? Did you say you come from my brother's website. I am sorry to disappoint you, but my busy and sometimes lazy daddy still building here.

Okay, in order not to let you came all this way for nothing. I am going to tell you the origin of our names.

My name was given by our daddy who wanna a clever sweetie. And my brother's name 陈凌祺 was given by our grandpa and mommy who wish him own aspiration and be an auspicious guy.

Our gorgeous mom also gave us nicknames, which are 佐佐 and 佑佑. You bet, our english names was given by our knowledgeable dad.

I have been blessed indeed in coming to our family, in finding a companion such as Richie.